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Hey There,

I'm pumped you're here! I am Jennifer, also known as Coach Jen!

Who is Coach Jen?

I'm a wife and a mother of three wonderful children. After having my third child, who recently turned 10, I found myself overweight, unhealthy, and overall unhappy with how I felt about myself, both inside and out. So, in short, I decided to embark on a fitness journey to lose a few pounds and was surprised to learn what I would gain in the process. Yes, I did eventually lose 60 pounds, gain muscle, and recomp my physique but the overall transformation of my mind is what ultimately changed my life forever.

However, It was anything but an effortless process. Through pure trial and error, I discovered a lot about what works versus what doesn't. I developed a passion for fitness which led to sharing my story and inspiring others to make a change.

My enthusiasm for health and wellness continued to grow. So, I decided to pursue a career doing what I loved so deeply, helping others thrive through health and wellness.

I attended the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and became a Nutrition Coach, and a Certified Personal Trainer, so that I could pair my experience with education to better serve the people that needed my help.

 My journey continues to motivate and challenge me today and I am here to help build Strong Bodies & Strong Minds to ultimately change as many lives as possible!

xoxo Coach Jen

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